UHP Safety Suit; 40,000 PSI Rated; Size Large / X-Large

UHP Safety Suit; 40,000 PSI Rated; Size Large / X-Large

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40,000 PSI rated UHP safety suit, designed to keep blast operators safe from accidental rotating jet swipes. Each suit provides 360° protection of all areas including neck and wrists. Made of a comfortable, easily maneuverable fabric, each suit provides comfort to the operator while wearing it. Made in America.

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Manufacturer: Bingham Industries & Aquamiser

Product Features

  • Proprietary UHP resistant fabric
  • 100% suit protection in all areas – No areas without UHP resistant material
  • Built in neck and wrist protection
  • No internal moving plates
  • Easy to removal Velcro straps for quick removal or adjustment
  • Easy to clean

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Bingham Industries revolutionary safety suits provide 360° protection to all areas including the operators neck and wrist. Find out why Bingham Industries safety suits provide more suit and more safety for less money.


This product is designed to be compatible with the following brands or products:

  • TST® Gamma 20/30 Suits + Gaiters

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